You Can Ring My (Dutch Bike) Bell

It was a crisp, breezy, fall day on Friday – a great afternoon to be out riding in the city. I was riding my bike north through the Lakeview neighborhood, when I approached a UPS truck parked in my lane.  I was on Sheffield, not a super busy street, so I checked traffic behind me, and rode around the truck, giving it a wide berth. As I got closer to the truck I rang my bell so that the UPS delivery guy who was walking next to the truck would hear it and not step out in front of me. As I rode closer to him he paused before crossing the street behind me, and started singing “You can ring my bell, bell, bell, ring my bell”. That put a smile on my face, and a song in my head.  When I arrived at my destination in Wrigleyville I noticed that they have already decorated the light poles for the holidays.  If there were some silver bells on those garlands the bell-themed day would have been complete.

Oma in Wrigleyville

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