Yesterday was Omafiets Day!

We’ve had an amazing October here in Chicago, lots of sunny days with blue skies and warm temperatures. While it was a little cooler yesterday, it was still sunny and beautiful. I had some errands to run on the north side of the city so Oma and I headed north for a lovely ride. When it came time to head home I decided to swing over to Southport Avenue to check out the brand-new Jewel-Osco store.

Blair Kamin – architecture critic for the Chicago Tribune– wrote about this store opening in in his blog yesterday and listed it as one of three new ‘green’ Jewel-Osco stores in Chicago. Frankly, my biggest curiosity was if this store would have any decent bike parking since their supposed ‘green’ store on Desplaines has a crappy grill rack that supposedly provides space for 4 bikes. Neither the # of slots provided is very green (should be 1 per 5 car slots or so) nor is the rack style very useful for actual bikes (See the survey of Chicago bike parking that Steve Vance has started over on his blog). Well, this store is huge AND I counted 9 very lovely U-racks along Southport Avenue for bike parking. The best part of the day though was what I saw locked up next to my Oma when I came out of the store.

Two Workcycles Omas on Southport Avenue in Chicago

Another Azor Workcycles Oma! What a surprise!  That’s still a rare sight in Chicago these days. I walked up to the owner and we both basically asked ‘Is that your bike’ to each other at the same time.

Two Workcycles Oma on Southport Avenue in Chicago

As it turns out, the owner of the Oma with the lovely basket, Janet, and her husband bought Omas in August from The Dutch Bike Company, here in Chicago. I bought mine from the same store a month later, in September. They are as smitten as I am with their bike black Dutch bikes. We shared our thoughts on the fabulous-ness of these bikes  and she gave me some tips about breaking in my Brooks saddle – you’ll notice that hers looks as if it’s been broken in over years as opposed to just months.

Two Workcycles Omafiets on Southport Avenue in Chicago

I mentioned the Dutch bike-themed ‘Cocktail Ride’ that Dottie from Let’s Go Ride A Bike is trying to put together and she said to count her and her husband in! Wohoo – Dutch bike fun in the city! How many more of you are out there? Want to join us on a little outing on November 14th? The date is tentative and the detail are still to come but let us know if you are interested.

You’re probably saying to yourself that the sighting of one other Omafiets bike in one day does not an “Omafiets Day” make.  Well, in Chicago I would have to say it almost does. But that was not the only Oma-related event yesterday. when I got home, I had some Oma-related questions waiting for me from Cecily Walker up in Vancouver. She has a great blog that shows off her beautiful photographic skills, and she also writes about bikes from time to time.  Seems she just became the proud owner of a Batavus Fryslan! Yet another new and happy Omafiets owner!

Batavus Fryslan Omafiets

Batavus Fryslan Omafiets

Check out Cecily’s photos of her new bike on her blog – they are gorgeous!

So all in all, it was an Omafiets-themed sort of day!

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