Yes, Tall Riders Can Handle A Yuba Mundo

My brother was in town for a visit and he was eager to check out our new bike – the Yuba Mundo.  I don’t think he had been in town more than half an hour before I looked outside and there he was riding around the neighborhood on our big orange bike with his girlfriend on the back.

You can't ride a Yuba Mundo without smiling

You can't ride a Yuba Mundo without smiling

More fun on the Yuba Mundo

And away they go..

The bike doesn’t look quite so big when my brother is on it, eh?  Well, he’s 6’4 so take that into consideration. He  was surprised it fit him as well as it did – he found it fairly comfortable, and of course, a lot of fun to ride.  I know Steve Vance ( and ) has a Yuba Mundo as well, and he’s at least 6’2.  So if you’re wondering if you’re too tall for the 1-size-fits-all frame of the Yuba Mundo, I’d say give it a try. It  just might work.  And besides, it’s so much fun.

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