Wind and Waves Don’t Mix for Bike Commuting

It’s been seriously wet and windy in Chicago the last couple of days – the commute has been a wee bit challenging. Last night the winds were gusting 50-60 mphs and I have to say it was a scary ride home through the city. Even on my big, heavy Dutch bike, I had to pedal downhill!  By this morning the winds had died down a bit, but the waves coming in from the lake were still pretty strong, as you can see by this video. Now I understand why the bike station has been so empty this week – a lot of the folks who park there ride along the lakefront.  They probably made a smart decision not to ride that route this week!

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They closed off the lakefront path, but some runners and cyclists went around the boundaries and/or police cars that were blocking the path. Yikes! I’m glad no one was washed into the lake!

Did you have to ride home in the wind Thursday night? How did you fare?

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