Why I Didn’t Mind Holiday Shopping – Cause I Have a Bike

So now it’s January and the holidays are behind us – always a sort of bittersweet moment in time, time when I think back over the blur of the holidays.  I was crazy busy like everyone else, and I had one Saturday afternoon late in December to get the final rounds of my shopping done.  I had a lot to pick up, but dreaded taking the car and fighting the horrible traffic that clogs the parking lots around the North/Clybourn/Sheffield area in Chicago.

And as you can see, it was a really nice day weather-wise for mid-December so why be stuck in a car? Andrew came up with the idea to meet me with the Yuba Mundo wherever it was that I had more than I could carry on my bike. Excellent idea!

I made my way over to towards the stores via some bike-friendly backroads.  Due to all the shoppers, the traffic was fairly slow-moving between stores and parking lots, making the last part of the ride fairly easy to navigate.  I started at The Container Store which has pretty good bike parking – two sets of narrow wavy racks – right outside the front door!

I made it through the Container Store with enough gear to about fill both panniers and a shopping bag I keep with me. It’s sturdy enough to fill up and strap on the front rack of my bike with a bungee cord (sorry, forgot to get a picture of the setup).

From there I stopped by World Market for some stocking-stuffers and other goodies which completely filled up my panniers and extra back and back rack. Then made my way over to Bed Bath & Beyond and called Mr. Ding to let him know that he was going to be needed once I finished. I do like their giant plastic shopping carts – they hold my panniers quite easily! I locked up my bike, loaded my panniers into a cart and did more shopping. Once I found his Christmas present, and a couple of other things,  I make my purchases, added them to the cart, and rolled the cart out to my bike to wait for Andrew – who appeared within 5 minutes.

The final shopping haul awaits some help from the orange cargo bike.  PS: there’s a big ole waffle iron in the white bag that I gave Andrew for Christmas – he had to turn around and not peek when I loaded it onto his bike.

One the ride home we even stopped at a wine shop (Red & White) and a butcher shop (Sterling Goss) to pick up a few more things since we had plenty of room left in the panniers on the Yuba Mundo.

Bikes fully loaded with Christmas presents, wine, baguettes, and groceries.

Now it’s back to regular errand runs and commuting on our bikes, but it was certainly fun riding past all the holiday shoppers stuck in traffic while my purchases were safely ensconced on our bikes.

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