When Your Everyday Route Turns on You Part 2

So you may recall back at the beginning of the summer, that the City of Chicago decided to tear up Hubbard Street in the name of repaving. It came as a bit of a shock though because one morning I was riding east towards the office, and when I headed back west that night, half of the street was gone.  As of today, Hubbard is still torn up, with nary a city vehicle in site, getting dustier and more full of holes every day.  Yeah, I’m giving up my favorite route for the time being.

This evening,  as I rode towards home through Fulton Market,  I was greeted with the following sight:

Do not enter this stretch of Fulton Market

By tomorrow afternoon I do believe this street will be rubble.   What did I do wrong this summer?  If you live near downtown, and would like your street repaved, send me an email and I’ll be sure to make your street part of my daily bike commute. That should guarantee that you get a new street.

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