What You Miss When You Drive Home From Work

Guerilla Furniture & Art Truck Show Poster

My bike ride home from work usually takes me through the Fulton Market District here in Chicago. If I took a  bus, cab,  or car home I’d most likely go completely around this perennially interesting neighborhood.  Fulton Market is a sub-section of the West Loop, with it’s south end bordered by the restaurants on Randolph Street and Harpo Studios.  Turn north about a block though,  and you’re in the midst of art galleries and quite a large number of meat and produce wholesalers.  The smell on a hot muggy day is something beyond description.

Last night I rode home on the tail end of a rain storm and happened upon this art show!  It was centered at the intersection of Aberdeen and Fulton – which makes sense since the Morlen Sinoway Atelier sits on the corner and appeared to be hosting the event.

Instead of booths or tables, each artist or gallery rented a truck and backed it up to the loading docks that surround both sides of the street.  Everyone else simply wandered along the docks,  weaving in and our of the trucks, stopping in the open galleries along the street.

Guerilla Furniture & Art Truck Show - trucks

There were trucks with carefully displayed handmade furniture…

Guerilla Furniture & Art Truck Show - Furniture

and there were trucks filled with art.

Guerilla Furniture & Art Truck Show - Art

Guerilla Furniture & Art Truck Show - More Art

My favorite piece of art was the locally grown Po Campo bike bag beautifully displayed in the front window of the Morlen Sinoway Atelier!

Po Campo Bike bag

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