What You Can Haul on a Divvy Bike

My friend and co-worker Jeff, flew out to Chicago this past week from our California office.  When Friday rolled around, we all headed to the beach for our summer office party.  Jeff and I were trying to figure out how we could both go from the office to the beach and then to my house  (he was staying with us for the weekend, and I was riding my bike) without having to resort to a cab or go back to the office or his hotel for his luggage.  Divvy Bikes to the rescue!

  • He took a Divvy bike from near our office in the loop (while I rode on my Omafiets)  up to the station at Michigan Ave & Lake Shore Drive.
  • After the party, he took another Divvy bike from that same bike station near the lakefront, and rode to one near our house in the West Town area.

AND  – his carry-on luggage fit on the front rack of the Divvy!

Divvy as cargo bike!

Divvy as cargo bike!

There was an additional bonus too.  As we walked home from the Divvy station, we strolled by a wine shop, which prompted my friend to state “Oh, I need to buy some wine for you”.   So we made an easy quick stop for a few bottles of wine on the way home.  Can’t go wrong with that.


So if you’ve been wondering about what you can fit in that front rack of a Divvy bike, now you know.

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