What To Do When the Bike Racks Are Covered In Snow

It’s post-blizzard time here in Chicago, which means that most streets and alleys are plowed and the major streets are lined with giant walls of dirty, icey, snow.   The usual city sidewalk adornments like newspaper boxes, old parking meters, and bike racks have been subsumed by the snow.

Bike rack under snow -wicker park

Where do our local cyclists park and lock their bikes up then? The streets are clear (and so are most parking-lots I might add) , so we’re out riding.  Here’s how a couple of Wicker Park cyclists managed.

Creative bike parking in Wicker Park

Creative bike parking in Wicker Park

I think I’ll write up a Bike Parking Hall of Shame post for next week, documenting stores and businesses that still have their bike racks covered in snow over a week past the big ole storm.  Tweet (DingDingLR) or send (ddlr at dingdingletsride dot com)  me locations, pictures, etc.

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