What To Do On A Beautiful Fall Saturday? Ride Your Bike!

The weather here in Chicago this October has been absolutely beautiful!  Almost every day has been warm and sunny and begging for an excuse to be outside.  This past weekend was no exception.  We had Little Ding with us and there was no way he was not going to miss being outside on his bike.   Unfortunately,  Mr. Ding and I also knew that we really needed to make a grocery store run -as the cupboards were getting a wee bare.  We came up with the perfect compromise – ride our bikes to our favorite park, pull the Burley trailer behind Mr. Ding’s bike, and fill it up at the grocery store on our way home!

Take a look at this picture from our ride to the park – the leaves on the trees have had the best colors this year!

A beautiful fall day for riding in Chicago

Once we arrived at the park we locked up our bikes with solid, secure locks, in plain sight where we could see them.

Oma and her ABUS monster chain lock and integrated wheel lock.

Oma locked up at the park

Mr. Ding’s cruiser bike was locked up with a Kryptonite U-lock, and the trailer had a cable lock.

Calypso the Cruiser Bike

and Little Ding’s awesome black and orange bike was secured with a yellow New York Kryptonite U-lock.

Adaptive Kids Bike

Our destination achieved!

Wicker Park Playground

When we left the park we headed home via the grocery store – sorry I don’t have any pictures of that.  We packed the trailer full of goods and finally made it home to the relief of Little Ding.  He hates going to the grocery store just like every other kid I know – even when he gets to ride his bike.

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