What I Saw on My Way Home Tonight – Bike Winter Commute is On!

lights and a bike

I thought this photo of my bike parked next to a fence in Ukrainian Vilage looked rather festive. And yes, I've decorated my bike for the hoidays.

It was a lovely, brisk ride home this evening, in the mid-30s. Perfect for riding home, especially since the morning wind was gone.  This is what I saw:

  • Many cyclists riding into and out of downtown and around West Town sporting bright, flashing lights – nice work!
  • One less-than-intelligent cyclist with no lights and no reflectors of any kind, who then passed me on my right, in traffic.
  • One less-than-intelligent-pedestrian who walked towards me down the middle of a dark street – a street with lovely sidewalks, I might add. If not for the lights from the cyclists riding towards me in the other lane, I may not have seen his camel walking coat until it was too late.
  • Cars that waited behind the green bike box at Kinzie/Des Plaines/Milwaukee – thank you!
  • A mounted Chicago Police officer who seem to know all the good bike routes through the Loop! I had to pass him and his horse on a narrower street.  Wondered about how to do that – I went slow and gave ye olde ‘On Your Left”.  Seem to have worked, though my brother tells me that when you encounter equestrians  out mountain biking, the proper etiquette is to dismount your bike and walk around them.  Not sure that’s as practical in the city.

That was my bike ride home – how was yours?

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