What Do You Think of These Bike Racks in Pilsen?

Hellooo and welcome to the renamed ‘Bike Parking Fridays’! Instead of shaking a finger at businesses with abysmal bike parking facilities, I’m simply going to write about bike parking good, bad, and so-so, all around the city of Chicago. Today’s post is about these funky bike racks outside of Simone’s in the Pilsen neighborhood. I came across them on the way to the January edition of the Women Who Bike Brunch.  Big kudos to any establishment that provides so many bike racks for it’s patrons. Given that the Pilsen neighborhood is a bike biking area, it only makes sense to have a lot of bike parking I think.  But what about these racks? I didn’t stop to lock up my Omafiets to one of them, though I am almost afraid that my big heavy lock would bend the rack.  They appear to be spaced just fine, and even my big wheels can fit between the bars, so that’s a good thing. I will admit though, that I’m not used to seeing such thin bike racks.  What do you think?

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