What Do Bike Mechanics Work On in the Winter?

I bike to work pretty much year-round, and these days I park my bike in the McDonald Cycle Center in Millennium Park.   (If you are interested in more pictures of the bike station check out my post from last spring ).  During the warmer months of the year, the mechanics at the station keep pretty busy repairing bikes for the daily commuters (you can get your bike repaired while you’re at work – very handy) as well as maintaining the huge fleet of rental bikes for Bike & Roll Chicago and the B-Cycle Chicago bike share bikes.  In the wintertime though, there are a lot less commuters and the rental fleet pares way back – not a lot of call for bike rentals in Chicago in January and February.   These guys still keep pretty busy though.  The other night as I came in to get my bike and ride home I walked past one of these surreys that you see along the lakefront in the summertime.

Turns out they have 40 of them to service this winter!  They’re cycling one through at a time.  These are Italian surreys made by Sirenetta and distributed in the U.S by Worksman Cycles and the International Surrey Company.

Sirenetta Bike Surrey - Millennium Park

When they repair one they push/roll it up the ramp in the bike station to a truck up top, take it back to Navy Pier and bring another one back.  These photos were of one waiting for it’s ride back to the pier.

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