We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Panniers!

As the weird weather blew threw Chicagoland yesterday, with 60 degree temperatures, 30 mph winds, rain, thunder and lightening, Tornadoes and of course, hail, I was actually able to time my ride to occur between the storms. Wohoo! Lucky day for me. As usual, I bought more than would fit in the one grocery carrier bag that I hang off my rear rack. But no fear, even though I have yet to buy any fancy panniers for my dear Oma, I was able to haul all my purchases home.

Oma loaded up on a grocery run

  • Rear grocery basket full of goodies from stops at the pharmacy and grocery store
  • 6-roll pack of bathroom tissue held down with the rack bungee cords on the rear rack
  • Extra plastic bag of bread, bananas, and other grocery items stacked on top of grocery basket and looped under a bungee to hold it in place
  • One more bag of goodies stacked on top of my purse on the front rack, held down with a bungee cord.

I think I’m pretty good at loading up my Omafiets – I can haul a lot home without having to hang bags off my handlebars – a trick I used to employ quite regularly on my mountain bike. How ’bout you? How do you get all your purchases home on your bike?

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