Video: Rainy Bike Commute Through Chicago’s Loop

I’m slowly working my way through editing the videos I’ve taken so far with my GoPro camera.    This one I shot in the rain one morning in January, on the way to work.  It picks up at Kinzie & Wells, heading east, just as I’m passing under the El tracks.  With the Wells Street bridge out for  a year, I can’t turn and take Wells over the river. Instead I have to continue on Kinzie, and then turn on Clark street which can be a challenge as it narrows and the right lane becomes a turn lane.   I think this will be my route at least until the Dearborn bridge is plated.

I park my bike in the Millennium Park Bike Station every day, so the end of the video is my approach around, to and inside the bike station. enjoy!

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  • Recycling1inLA

    How long is the ride, distance? Are you wearing rain proof gear?

    • Samantha

      My commute is about 4 to 4.5 miles each way. I was wearing a waterproof jacket that comes down past my hips, rain boots, and water/windproof gloves. And jeans. It wasn’t a torrential downpour so parts of legs just got a little damp, not much. Some of the other commuters out that had rain gear on, some did not.