Video: Chicago Kidical Mass January 2013 Ride

So I got a GoPro camera for Christmas – with the handlebar mount – and I’ve been trying it out on my Dutch bike.   At the end of this post is my first video edit attempt – it’s about 3 minutes long. Be kind.

We met up with the Palmer Square Kidical Mass group earlier this month for the  January ride – this past summer Chicago gained 2 more Kidical Mass groups so now there are often 3 rides a month – but this is the one we’ve been riding with for a couple of years.

gathering up for the chicago kidical mass ride

There are always a nice variety of bikes at Kidical Mass (video is further down the post).

The temperature was fairly temperate for January in Chicago – almost 50 degrees (F), but with a chilly wind that brought the gloves out near the end of  the ride.

Hanging out within the cozy confines of a covered bakfiets was our newest and probably youngest KM rider. - the new baby in the household of mom behind the tumblr blog One Less Minvan. Kudos!

Hanging out within the cozy confines of a covered bakfiets was our newest and probably youngest KM rider. – Ash’s new baby girl! Read more about her custom built-in bike seat on

So, about the video and the ride.  The musical soundtrack for this video was inspired by the actual soundtrack we were serenaded with  during the ride from our route planner  – you can spot him in the red jacket at the beginning of the ride. He had quite the sound system on his bike and kicked off the ride with some classic surf guitar rock.  Nice!

This ride always begins in at the playground in Palmer Square,  before heading out of the park. We then toured through the Logan Square neighborhood with our end point being the lagoons in Humboldt Park – a 219 acre historic Chicago park, one of many in the Chicago Park District.

One of the young riders had a slight mishap during the ride, and wasn’t up for continuing the ride on her own bike.  She hopped into one of the bucket bikes and we towed her bike for the rest of the ride. You’ll notice her pink bike being towed by Mr. Ding part-way through the video.  At the end of the ride, along with a little music change,  my family regroups before Mr. D.  rides back to Palmer Square with the pink bike.  Meanwhile, Little Ding and I make our way around the lagoon and through the park toward home, down the sidewalks.

(PS – use the settings option on the YouTube player and kick it up to HD).

It was a great day for a January bike ride, we had a great turnout, great tunes, and great fun. Come join us on the second Saturday of the month,  in Palmer Square. Check the Chicago Kidical Mass website for more info.

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