Using the Beer Rack on My Omafiets As It Was Intended

We finally had some snow instead of ice here in Chicago, got a light dusting this morning. ┬áIt was just enough snow to make everything look a little pretty again, but not enough to really mess up the streets, especially since the temperatures are holding steady in the mid-teens. I had some errands to run so I grabbed my panniers and headed out – figured I’d stop at the grocery store on the return trip. The front rack that WorkCycles makes for their bikes is called a “Beer Rack” but even though I’ve had this bike for about five months or so, I hadn’t yet tried out lugging any beer on it. Based on this picture I’m sure you”ll agree that a case should be no problem next time.

Beer Rack on an Omafiets

Yeah, I went a little overboard with the bungee cords — my standard cord probably would have been sufficient.

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