Updated: How To Tow A Bike with A Yuba Mundo

Last year we rigged up our own towing mechanism to allow us to tow a bike – adult-sized or kid-sized- with our Yuba Mundo. We fashioned our own system that we could attach to the running boards when needed – here’s the post I wrote about it.

towing a kids bike on the Yuba Mundo

towing a kids bike on the Yuba Mundo with our own towing solution.

It worked well for us last year but when Yuba came out with an adjustable Towing Tray this year we got one.  We liked that their solution takes the same running board and simply cuts an adjustable slot in it. Our solution was almost perfect, but we did have to haul the clamp around with us and install it each time.  With the  Yuba towing tray, we are always ready to haul a bike.  Just a slight adjustment via a screwdriver to switch between an adult or kid’s bike.

Towing an adult bike with the Yuba towing tray.

yuba mundo towing tray

There’s a extra ‘piece’ of running board that you can screw in place across the slot to shorten the slot for bikes with smaller wheels.  Look for the small strip across the center of the board in the next photo (click on the photo to zoom in a little more).

 The towing tray makes it even easier to tow a bike.  We can haul gear in the bags, a passenger, another bike, or all of the above at the same time.  Go Yuba!


Weekend family errands via bike. When LD’s braces got too painful for riding any longer, we threw him and his bike on the back of the Yuba Mundo.

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