Things That Don’t Belong in the Bike Lane

I get frustrated when I find cars parked smack dab in the middle of a protected bike lane – blocking a regular bike lane is bad enough, but when someone blocks a protected bike lane, that often means they had to go around some sort of barrier to park within the bike lane itself.   Sometimes I stop and take a photo of the offending vehicle, though when someone offers to move their vehicle,  I don’t snap a photo.  I’m glad to see them leave.  You can find some of my photos as well as those from other cyclists on my Pinterest board  “Things That Don’t Belong in Bike Lanes” .

The other night I came up behind a cab parked right in the middle of a protected bike lane – I snapped a photo of the cab and  uploaded the  photo to the board.  Right after that though, I rode by another cab that had stopped in the parking area on the left side of the lane, between the lane and traffic.  This meant that his passengers exited right into the bike lane and almost doored me.  So what do to?  Where should the cabs who are picking up and dropping off people to one of the condo buildings along the bike lane stop?  I hate them blocking the lane, but  what are their alternatives?  As Chicago adds more protected bike lanes, these are things I’d like some standards around.

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