The Things You See When You Ride A Bike…

So I was riding home through the Kinzie Industrial Corridor last week and out of the corner of my eye I spotted this guy. Meet the Blob Monster.

I just had to turn down the side street to see what the heck this was. Turns out, the Blob Monster is not a giant example of one of those multi-colored candles from the 70s stuck into a Chianti bottle, but a work of art by the artist Tony Tasset

I checked the website for the gallery (Kavi Gupta) and they’re located a few blocks away on West Washington so I’m not sure why the Blob Monster was hanging out here. Perhaps he was kidnapped? ¬†Or being prepared for a road trip? He just seemed sorta lonely sitting there, so Oma did try to strike up a conversation.

Oma and the Blob Monster

Oma and the Blob Monster

He was really not much of a conversationalist. So tell me – has anyone else seen the Blob Monster?

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