The Things You See On Your Bike: A Giant Clock on Hubbard Street

If, like many other cyclists in Chicago, you use Hubbard Street as an East-West route between the Loop and the Near West Side you’ve probably noticed this building between Halsted and Desplaines.  The giant clock caught my eye initially.  When I check it out further the next time I rode by I realized that:

  • The clock was keeping the right time (!)
  • The building was constructed in 2001 – meaning it was built originally to be  a giant garage with a clock on the front.

It’ s a very nice clock and all, but who builds a brick garage in the city with a giant working clock on it in 2001?  It’s just had me puzzled.

Clock on the garage at 656 W.  Hubbard

So I snapped a couple of pictures and did a little research on the interwebs when I got home.  Turns out this garage goes with the lovely building to the east of it,  the one with the arched windows and a rooftop deck with a wrought-iron railing.

building at 656 west hubbard

Not surprisingly, the entire space is an amazing creative office/loft set-up, with it’s own private garage.  Looks like about 16,140 square feet plus a basement. And there’s a penthouse residence and the aforementioned rooftop deck.  You can rent all or part of it for about $19/square foot.  Check out this listing to see some pictures of the cool interior spaces.  Currently it’s the office location for a film and photography studio – guessing they own the building and the garage houses some serious film booms and trailers among other things.

One of the many things that I love about riding a bike is that I tend to see a lot more of the city than if I were driving.

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