The Things You See On A Bike: Pedal-Powered Bike Repair

I was riding home from work last week and happened upon this bike and trailer – sorry for the poor quality iPhone photos, I didn’t have my camera with me.



I didn’t have a chance to meet the rider/repair-person, but I did look up their website when I got home -

We specialize in high quality, on-site cycle services to all cycle machines including: repairs, sales, fleet maintenance, and maintenance training courses. Our goal is to provide the most personalized, convenient, affordable, easy, and pleasant bike repair experience possible.

Our service is unique. A highly skilled, professionally trained cycle mechanic travels to your home, organization or place of work by bike and sets up a comprehensive mobile workshop. Customers are always encouraged to watch and learn, ask questions and receive friendly advice. Minor repairs can be done on-site, even while-you-wait! There’s no interrupting your training, no putting your bike in or on the car, and we perform the work more economically, since we don’t support a building. If the repair can’t be done on site, we can collect your bike and return it fully repaired and ready to ride at a time convenient to you.


Sounds like a great idea to me! Little Ding had suggested that he and his Dad set up a mobile bike shop in the car and drive around and fix bikes . I gotta say though, that I like this bike-powered version a little better.


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