The Saints of Bike Winter

Looking out at the light snow that is falling now, on top of the snowy sleet that fell last night, on top of the rain that froze up the previous night, I’m thinking that the residential intersection near our house looks rather slippery. Perhaps I should reconsider my ride to work this morning? At the very least I should probably give a little prayer up to my own Chicago-version bike winter trinity.

Mosaic Church Icon

Mosaic Church Icon

Studded tires by Omafiets

(studded tires)

I’ll report back on my decision.

BONUS: Gold start goes to whomever can name which church in Chicago sports these lovely mosaic icons around the entrance.

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  • Ash L.

    I pass it every day. St. Nicholas, right? It’s stunning inside too.

    • Samantha

      Ding Ding! You win the gold star for the day Ash! And yes, I’ve been inside there once before and it is stunning.

  • Marcy

    Got studded tires?

    • Samantha

      Yes I do! 😉

  • Jami

    Is that the Ukranian church? It does look familiar.

    • Samantha

      Well, there are at least three Ukrainian churches located in the Wicker Park/Bucktown/Ukrainian Village/West Town area (which should narrow it down for you), so you will have to be a little more specific. 😉