The Non-Biking-Too-Snowy-for-Oma Post

I headed out this morning with the best intentions. I knew we had a serious blizzard blowing in, but I planned on riding up north to the office and to leave said office by 2pm at the latest so that I would be home by no later than 3pm. The blizzard was supposed to really get going by 3pm. The side streets were not clear, but the snow had been packed into a slippery mess by the cars and even with my studded tires I was fishtailing all over the place as I tried to keep moving, avoid the potholes, and of course not get hit by the cars that didn’t really care about me. It didn’t seem like a lot of snow really, but more was coming down,  so it wasn’t going to get any better.

slippery streets

I turned onto a major street that was clear and thought about continuing along a different route – then I hit the wind coming off the lake. It didn’t seem that windy at first, but it was already gusting 20-25mph.  And the bike lanes were filled with slippery mush.  So I headed east awhile longer, then turned down another major street and slowly made my way back home and worked in my home office for the rest of the day. I really was feeling like a wimp until about 2:30pm when the snow and wind really picked up and I realized I would have been riding in the midst of it. I felt a little better.

As I write this now it’s later in the evening and we’re in the thick of the weirdest blizzard ever.  I grew up in Nebraska and remember a few really intense blizzards as a kid – even one that spawned a bunch of tornadoes down south the same day.  No tornadoes tonight-  instead we’ve had mad, crazy, swirling dervish snow, ice pellets,  as well as thunder and lightning. A few hundred people have been stranded on Lake Shore Drive in their cars or on stalled or stuck buses for 5 hours and I’ve watched a couple of cars slowly make their way through our neighborhood with some help from other people pushing them from time to time.  These pictures do not do this storm justice at all.


Mr. Ding did not ride to work this morning – he had to be in extra early and his bike is not a great snow bike.  He drove, which proved to be the smart thing to do. He left his car there in the shielded parking garage and took 2 buses home. He didn’t have to find a parking spot for the car nor will we have to dig it out at some point.


We don’t have a ton of snow yet – probably  7-10 inches right now, but the wind is deadly.  Mr. Ding guessed that the wind outside our building was gusting at 40 knots (that’s the sailor in him) a couple of hours ago. That’s about 46 mph to you and me. It’s definitely sped up since  then. Just try to imagine this picture completed blurry except for a glint of light coming off that silver mini-van – that’s what I’m seeing at the moment – nothing at all.

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