The June Chicago Kidical Mass Bike Ride & Cupcakes!

We have a great Kidical Mass ride almost every month of the year in Chicago, on the 2nd Saturday of the month. Generally the ride departs from Palmer Square to a location not too far away, usually one that ends at a park or playground. This month’s ride had a bonus stop scheduled so everyone had two playgrounds to check out.  Our household was a little late getting out the door though, so we headed off to a playground on the west side of Humbolt Park that was to be the final destination, to meet up with the rest of the ride.

Riding around the lagoons in Humbolt Park

Riding around the lagoons in Humbolt Park, towing a bike with our Yuba Mundo

It also happened to be my birthday weekend, so Andrew surprised me with a couple of dozen (!!) delicious cupcakes from Bleeding Heart Bakery to share with everyone at the ride!  I put the cupcakes in this awesome picnic basket that we own,  to transport them to the park.  I must have subconsciously bought this basket years ago in anticipation of owning this bike because they looked so lovely together.

Dutch bike and picnic basket

After we had arrived and unloaded, the parade of bikes started to arrive!

Soon we had bikes of every type parked by the bike racks and along the fence. There were some Dutch bikes and Madsen cargo bikes…

dutch bikes

A Fietsfabrink Bakfiets

As well as some Burley trailers and trail-a-bikes, not to mention plain ole kids bikes.

lots of parked bikes

more bikes..

a box bike

I put out the cupcakes and boy was I popular – at least for a little while.

delicious cupcakes

A couple of young ones couldn’t be bothered to wake up for the cupcakes though.

Madsen as nap zone

away in a weego....

away in a weego….


A few of the adults took the Yuba Mundo out for test rides while we were there.

Ash Test Rides the Yuba Mundo

Ash test rides the Yuba Mundo

Overall, the kids had a great time on the playground – who wouldn’t when you’ve got great play equipment AND cupcakes?  Eventually though, everyone started heading out.  We loaded up our bikes and empty picnic basket and rode back around the lagoons through Humbolt Park towards home.

The lagoons in Humbolt Park

The lagoons in Humbolt Park

Riding through Humbolt Park

And we rode past the very cool Boat House in Humbolt Park too.

Humbolt Park Boat House

Humbolt Park Boat House


It was a great day for bike ride to the park. We’ll ride again next month – you should join us! Check out the Chicago Kidical Mass facebook page or our group on the Chainlink for more news and information.

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