The Fietscafe (aka The Pedal Pub) Makes it to Chicago!

A couple of weeks ago we looked out our windows and saw this contraption rolling through our neighborhood.Pedal Pub - Chicago

I admit that I had no prior knowledge of pedal pubs, or “Fietscafe” as they are called in the Netherlands. Yes, that’s right, this is another fine biking creation from our fine friends up in the Rhine-Meuse-Scheldt delta.

What an awesome idea though! Get a bunch of your friends together and pedal your way around your next pub crawl. Saves you money on cab fares and gives you some time to get a little exercise between drinks AND you don’t have to worry about where to lock up your bike.

The company that runs Pedal Pub here in Chicago operates bike pubs in Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Houston, Austin, Nashville, and Lawrence Kansas. Chicago does not presently allow you to drink while riding, but you can ride up to a bar and buy yourself a cold one, or quaff a libation or two while parked on private property. You’ll need about 12-14 friends ┬áto rent one out. It holds 16 passengers, plus the driver. There are 6 seats on each side (5 with pedals). There is also a bench in the back of the PedalPub that seats three, plus one standee spot in the middle for the “server”. The folks at Pedal Pub don’t advise trying to pedal the pub with less than eight people.

We caught up with the pub last weekend in Ukrainian Village – they currently have routes in the West Loop and the Fulton Market neighborhoods as well as Ukrainian Village/East Village. We met the very friendly and helpful manager Matt – who was nice enough to answer all our questions and show us the various features of the pub and let me snap a few pictures.

Yours truly and Matt the Pedal Pub Manager/Driver

Yours truly and Matt the Pedal Pub Manager

It didn’t take long for a crowd to form and everyone was asking questions and checking out the fietscafe!

A crowd gathers around the fiestcafe

So – who wants to rent out the fiestcafe with me?

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