The Coolest Chicago Bike Calendars for 2011

TyK 2011 Ladies PinUp Calendar

Friday night Mr. Ding and I rode our bikes down to the Fulton Market District for the release party of the 2011 TyK Ladies PinUp Calendar.   This is the third year for the calendar, and besides the fact that it is an incredibly well-produced, beautiful calendar,  it’s got a great mission – actually 2 great missions! The calendar was “created to address the modern-day stereotypes women face in the cycling world. Frustrated with being pegged as either mechanically savvy but asexual, or cute but inept with their bikes, the TyK Ladies PinUp Calendar showcases the dual nature of being a woman.”   The second great part of this calendar project is that

100% of TYK calendar sales go directly to The Chicago Women’s Health Center [CWHC]. Providing affordable health care and education to women and trans people since 1975, CWHC respects each individual’s unique relationship with their body and sexuality, and recognizes the importance this plays in providing quality health care. CWHC sees all clients regardless of ability to pay.

Great idea, eh? We thought so.  They added a men’s calendar last year, and created one again this year – a great-looking and funny effort.  Each month in the men’s calendar depicts a Chicago cyclist and his bike styled to represent a character from an iconic 80s television show. I’m not sure which spoof is my favorite, Magnum p.i., Miami Vice, or the A-Team.  Both calendars show a picture of the cyclist in his or her everyday cycling gear along with their stylized photo for the month.

TyK 2011 Men's Calendar

TyK 2011 Men's Calendar

The calendars will be available in stores by Thanksgiving.  They are also available for purchase online, but you should be aware of the shipping dates:

  • Order by December 1st -> Ships December 4th
  • Order by December 15th -> Ships December 18th
  • Order by January 19th-> Ships January 22nd
TyK Calendar 2011 - August

TyK Calendar 2011 - August

You may find a few familiar faces in the calendar too! In the ladies calendar the cyclist for the month of  September looks a lot like Emily from Po Campo! Mr. Ding and I ran into her at the party. When we left we decided to head over to the Aberdeen Tap (not to be confused with the Aberdeen in Wicker Park) to try out their Sweet Potato Tots- Emily had heard they were tasty.  Well, we bought the calendar celebrity a beer and some tots, and yes, they are very tasty.

My recommendation is to order yourself one or two of these unique calendars.  You’ll have in your hands the work of some great designers and you’ll be doing a good deed too.

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