Testing out the Yuba Mundo’s Grocery-Hauling Abilities in the Rain

Andrew and I were kid-free this past weekend, so on Sunday we rode our bikes to breakfast followed by our first grocery run with the new bike. Early morning we pointed our bikes in the direction of the Flying Saucer restaurant in the Humbolt Park neighborhood. We’ve heard only great things about their food so we were anxious to try them out.  Lots of bike parking out front only made us happier. Oma and the Yuba Mundo were quite happy about the parking situation as well.

Bike Parking out front of the Flying Saucer

After a delicious (truly,  and awesome coffee too) breakfast we headed east, to do some grocery shopping at the Jewel grocery store on Desplaines street in the West Loop.  We saw a fair number of riders returning from Bike the Drive – the annual bike ride in which they close off Lake Shore Drive to all car traffic between 5:30am – 9:45am.  We identified them by the stickers on their helmets.

Returning Bike the Drive cyclists

We took our time in the store – had a few bare cupboards to fill at home – and when we headed out the door to load up our bikes we were greeted with this torrential downpour of rain.

rain falls on the Yuba Mundo

We can tell you that that those bags are definitely waterproof.

We got the feeling the rain wasn’t going to stop right away.  And the awning we were standing under wasn’t offering much protection.  So we grabbed our grocery cart and scurried around to the Desplaines street entrance to wait out the storm on the covered patio.

safe from the rain on the patio at Jewel

Mr. Ding kindly ran back into the rain to grab the Yuba Mundo so we could at least load up the bike while we waited. As you can see, we had about 5 bags of groceries (a couple of the bags were oversized), a gallon box of soymik, and of course a multi-pack of TP.

groceries ready to load

And it all fit into the cargo bags on the bike perfectly.

a loaded cargo bike ready to go

Once the rain stopped we hightailed it out of there so we could get home before the next downpour began. Andrew had no problem riding it home, even riding down the hill on Kinzie next to the store. He said it handled really well, and that he was pleasantly surprised by how well it still turned and maneuvered (my photos of him riding U-turns on Hubbard Street didn’t really come out well).

riding the Yuba Mundo home fully loaded

I know this isn’t a record load for the Yuba Mundo, but we certainly felt proud of our first big haul. What kind of loads have you hauled on your cargo bike?

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