Taking Oma Out for A Ride Downtown

Well of course, as soon as Oma arrived we had to head out for a ride that showed off her special skills like looking fabulous while lugging boxes around. Mr. Ding and I headed downtown via our usual route that takes us through the Fulton Market District.  It’s a very much of a ghost town on Sundays, and even though I ride through there almost every day to work, there’s so much to see that I can always find something new. As we turned down Morgan Street, Mr. Ding noticed the W.H. Salisbury factory.  I’ve noticed their faded orange sign in the past (no picture -sorry) but never paid attention to the building.

W. H.  Salisbury Entrance (since 1885)

I never noticed either of these two entrances. Nor did I know that the company had been around since 1855! They got their start when they cut up rubber garden hoses and used them to cover electrical lines – and so a business in rubber safety equipment was born.  I think they are owned by Honeywell now. Anyway, guess the executives came through the door above, and the lunch-pail guys probably came and went through this door below.

W.H. Salisbury Factory Entrance

Across the street from Salisbury is the perfect example of how these sorts of large manufacturing spaces are more often used these days – the Douglas Dawson Gallery. A perfect backdrop for Oma – I think she was showing off a little.

Oma and the Douglas Dawson Gallery

Eventually we made it to our destination – Marshall Field’s …err.. Macy’s. We were in desperate need of a coffee maker as ours had unexpectedly conked out. There was a sale, we had a coupon and a credit, it seemed like the thing to do. Riding in the Loop on the weekends is far less stressful than during the week by the way – all you have to worry about are the clueless tourists who will step out in front of you in a heartbeat.  We headed into Macy’s, found a suitable replacement coffee maker and loaded it up on Oma. We thought we should snap a quick picture under the Marshall Field’s ‘ sign – it seemed so appropriate. . By the way – riding with the coffee maker box loaded on the front rack was a piece of cake. It wasn’t that heavy to begin with, and it was snugly tied down with the bungee cords. The fact that the rack is attached to the bike instead of to the wheel took a few minutes to get used to when I first got the bike, but I found it very useful and easy to ride with.

Oma, Coffee Maker, and Marshall Fields

The unfortunate coda to this story is that the damn coffee maker doesn’t work. We un-packed it, plugged it in, set the clock, poured in some water to run it through a cycle as recommended by the manufacturer, and it died. Kaput.It’s a Cuisinart for gosh sakes, ya think it might work? We’ll be going back to Macy’s shortly.

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