Take the Long Bike Route to Work

Hard to believe, but we’re down to the last week of the Let’s Go Ride A Bike (LGRAB)  Summer Games. As a refresher, here’s a rundown of the contest:

There are three main categories, and six events in each category. Complete events in each category over a three week period, and tell us about it via blog post link or email, plus photo addition to our Summer Games Flickr Pool. Entries must include a story and a photo of each event you complete. If you enter via a post on your own blog, please link to this announcement in your entry, include one of our badges and let us know via email. Anyone who completes at least two events in each of the three categories will be entered to win the Batavus BuB by random drawing. We’re also giving away prizes as readers complete each category.

The final list of tasks to choose from fell under the category “New Territory”:

  • Ride a greenway (or bike trail)
  • Have a bicycle picnic
  • If you don’t normally ride to work, commute by bike, or by bike/train or bike/bus
  • If you do commute, take the long way home: add distance to your usual ride
  • Explore a new part of town by bike

Earlier this week I published a blog post about our family ride last week on the Betsie Valley Trail which fulfilled the ‘Ride a greenway” requirement. This morning I tackled the “take a long way home” task by riding a longer route into work.  I picked the soupiest, most humid and hot morning of the summer to do it – thank god for the showers at the gym. My ride to work isn’t very long – maybe 3 miles and  I usually  ride east through the Kinzie Industrial Corridor to the Fulton Market District, and then too my office in the West Loop.  This morning I headed north through Wicker Park and Bucktown to Webster Avenue, and took that east to the Lincoln Park  Zoo. There’s no better way to start your day than with a peaceful hello to the seals.

sea lion pool - lincoln park zoo

The Kovler Sea Lion Pool at the Lincoln Park Zoo

From there I rode through the Zoo and cut over to the lakefront.  It was early, cloudy, no one was on the beach yet, and the beaches were smooth and freshly raked.

North Avenue Beach - Chicago

North Avenue Beach – Chicago

I headed south along the lakefront towards downtown. I rode all the way to the Chicago Yacht Club where I could cross Lake Shore Drive at Monroe street.  I always enjoy coming around the turn on the lakefront path before the Yacht Club and looking at all the boats lined up in their moorings, with the  Museum Campus behind them.

sailboats in Monroe Harbor - Chicago

sailboats in Monroe Harbor – Chicago

Eventually I had to leave the serene lakefront and jump back into the traffic on Randolph Street to head back west to the gym and then my office.

Randolph Street - Chicago

Randolph Street – Chicago

All in all, it was a great ride.When I was single, I used to ride over to the lakefront or get a swim in almost every morning.  Somehow, over the last couple of years, that’s changed and I haven’t been able to get into a regular morning riding/swimming groove again. A big thanks goes out to the girls at LGRAB for getting me motivated again!

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