Sundresses and Step-Through Bikes

We finally got the super hot, super humid summer weather that almost always hits Chicago in July. Near 90F by 9am , with soaring humidity.  Makes for those kinds of days when people bemoan how one can possibly bike around without sweating.  Well here’s the secret – you don’t. We sweat. Everyone does.  But if I’m walking down the street in this weather, or catching a bus, or doing anything movement outside, I’m going to sweat and so are you.  So, like everyone else, I try to wear the most breezy, lightweight things in my closet. And for me – that’s often a long sundress.

This was me biking to work last week when it was 90F in the early morning.

This was me biking to work last week when it was 90F in the early morning.

And why not? Long sundresses look great even with flip flops, and they are cool and breezy on a bike.  And they’re easy.  I’m all for uncomplicated sartorial choices when it’s hot outside. While I have worn them on diamond-frame bikes, they work even better with step-through bikes.  My favorite dress and my favorite bike – a great combination.


Another 90F day in Chicago. This was a Women Who Bike Brunch a couple of summers ago. (photo courtesy of Dottie Brackett)

Even though the heatwave broke this weekend, it was still bright and sunny on Saturday – another great day for biking around the neighborhood and of course, in a sundress.  One of the friendly owners of Inside Home on Chicago Avenue, took this photo of me outside their store as I left.


So what about you? What do you wear for summer bike rides on hot city days?