Stolen Bike Alert: Upright Bikes Get More Popular & Now Get Stolen

I’m seeing more and more Dutch bikes and Dutch-style bikes downtown during my daily commute, more mixtes, basically more non-hybrid or road bikes which makes me smile as I think that more people might be thinking about biking as good ole transportation. Unfortunately it also means I’m hearing about more of my favorite style of bikes being stolen too. Case in point is J.C. Lind Bike Company over on Wells Street. I”ll let Jon tell the story as he posted it on earlier today.

Unfortunately, I had 3 bikes stolen from our display sometime today. Here is a run-down of the three bikes, I will also post them on the stolen bike registry. The bikes were in a display window at 1254 N. Wells across the street from the shop. No forced entry so either the door was left open by the landlord or one of their agents or else the thieves had the keys.  If you happen to come across one of these bikes please contact me at 312 643-1670 or Thanks!


Truly awful! The only bright spot in this story is that the 3 bikes that were stolen are somewhat distinctive even in Chicago, so I think there is a good chance someone will spot them.

First up is a De Fietsfabriek Kelly Green Pack Max – a pretty and pretty unique bike. I don’t think I’ve ever spotted one of these in the city.

De Fietsfabriek Kelly Green Pack Max

De Fietsfabriek Kelly Green Pack Max


The second bike was an oh-so lovely, and also green Civia Loring.

Civia Loring - Medium frame - apple green - SRAM i-motion 3 speed - Brooks B67 Brown - Front Rack

Civia Loring – Medium frame – apple green – SRAM i-motion 3 speed – Brooks B67 Brown – Front Rack


And finally, the Dutch bike that debuted on Groupon last year,  a Gouden Leeuw Oma (Golden Lion Oma).

Gouden Leeuw Oma - 50cm frame - Brooks B72 Brown saddle - Basil Front rack mount - single speed

Gouden Leeuw Oma – 50cm frame – Brooks B72 Brown saddle – Basil Front rack mount – single speed


If you see any of these bikes alert the police.  And give Jon a call too.


And as a reminder to everyone, here’s a link to an earlier article I wrote on bike locks and bike security.  As Andrew and I were looking up the entries for these bikes in the Stolen Bike Registry, and getting more depressed by the moment as we read through all the recent bike thefts, we did also note that 42% of the thefts were from bikes locked up with only some form of a cable lock.  That’s obviously not the issue with the theft of the J.C. Lind bikes, but I just want to take a sec to remind everyone to spend a little extra on a good lock as well as be attentive as to what you are locking your bike too, and how you are locking it.  I’ve seen some nice bikes locked up with only cable locks recently and I so wanted to leave a note for the owners but I didn’t want to draw attention to their bikes. So endeth the public service announcement.

I hope that Jon is able to recover his bikes!

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  • Scott Larson

    Hit up the swap-o-rama on 4200 S. Ashland.

    That’s where a lot of stolen bikes show up. I’ll be heading down there around 2PM on Sunday looking for my girlfriend’s missing bike. I’ve recovered a few bikes there so far…

    • Ms. Ding

      Yep,. I’ve heard of quite a lot of people recovering their bikes down there. I think Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays they are open, right?

  • Paddyanne

    Thieves have me so paranoid that I don’t even use 1 lock anymore, and I both locks aren’t the same type!  And I always swoon when I walk by a bike that is not locked well, or with the equivilent of a ribbon – some people are oblivious and its a shame. 

    • Ms. Ding

      I know what you mean. I saw a bike locked up with a crappy cable lock recently and I wanted to cry.

  • Steven Vance

    I only recommend Kryptonite brand u-locks, level “orange” or “yellow”. I don’t believe the black and gray levels are good enough for Chicago. 

    I recommend against OnGuard u-locks because their casings fall apart too easily and they are bulkier. 

    Full list of recommended bike locks.