Stolen Bike Alert! A Unique Family Tandem Stolen at Lincoln Park Zoo

These are the kind of posts I hate to write – I despise bike thieves and I feel horrible every time I read about a bike being stolen.  A father and his daughter rode to the Lincoln Park Zoo on the 23rd and when they came out their bike was missing.  This is a rare bike to find in Chicago by the way, it’s called a Buddy Bike and only 2 have ever been sold in the Chicago area.  I’m familiar with the bike (it’s also listed on my Adaptive Bikes page)  as it’s a popular option for parents of special needs children who can’t quite ride a regular bike as it puts the smaller rider in front.  The owners have done all the right things , they’ve filed a report on the Chicago Stolen  Bike Registry, filed a police report  mentioned it on, and the manufacturer even has it listed on the homepage of their website.  Here’s the description from the stolen bike registry:

My daughter and I rode the tandem to the Lincoln Park Zoo at 11am on Oct 23rd. We locked it and our helmets to a chain fence near the bike rack on the East side with a padlock and steel cable. Two hours later we returned and everything was gone. It appeared the thief pulled the fence post out of the ground and was able to slip off the cable. I had forgotten to slide the cable through one of the wheels, and with the zoo so close to the lakefront path and the extensive park, I assume the thief just rode away. This is a very unique design, only two other people have a bike like this registered in the Chicagoland area.

Keep an eye out for this unique-looking tandem!

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