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While I mostly enjoy winter and the seasons and the crazy weather that is Chicago, right now I’m tired of gray snow, gray skies and blogging about my umpteenth ride in the snow.  So instead,  I give you some bike blogs from around the country. These are blogs that you might not have heard of but will find familiar tales within of figuring out what to wear in the winter and new tales about what it’s like to ride a bike in a different city.  ( I will admit that my inspiration for this post came from a recent post on that runs down the top 50 Bike Commuting blogs. )

Bike Bliss –  Cherilyn rocks it as a  mom, a cyclist, all in Bozeman Montana.

Biking Duluth –  And you thought we had it cold? Jeff writes about his exploits riding up north in the frozen wasteland.

Bobbin and Sprocket – Amy blogs about bike love, and knitting, in Johnson City Tennessee.

District Citizen Cycling – Bill rides the streets of DC and has some great pictures to prove it.

Family -Bike- Words Derrick rides around Lexington Kentucky on his Xtracycle with family in tow.

Fort Wayne Bike Commuter – So if he can commute to work in a city like Fort Wayne, Indiana, not exactly the city-cycling capital of the world, what is stopping you?

Full Hands – Sara totes her family around New Haven Connecticut on an Xtracycle or Bakfiets,  though the recent ice storms have kept them off their bikes.

Girl Commute – Women riding, commuting, taking to the streets in Omaha Nebraska. By the way, if you think Omaha is flat, think again.  There are some serious hills in this town.

I Dream of Bicycling –  Chronicling six years of riding an upright bike in Atlanta Georgia.

MinusCar Project – Michael rides and blogs about cycling in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Not surprisingly, he has a Pugsley.  Yes, I have bike envy.

Southern Spokes – Niklas blogs about riding a bike to work , for errands, and for dates , and takes photos of his excursions in Mobile Alabama.

Truck Bike – A blog with a great logo! James writes about utility bikes and bikes for transportation in New Orleans Louisiana.

The Urban Adventure League – Shawn explores the urban environment in and around Portland Oregon.

The Urban Country – James has a great blog about biking in Toronto. And he rides a Dutch bike.

What I Saw Riding My Bike Around Today –  Kate rides around New Orleans with camera in hand and shares her adventures with you.

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