Snow Biking to Watch The Bears Game…Wish They Would Have Won

It was a lovely Sunday here in Chicago. We got another lake-effect snow fall in the morning, big fluffy flakes, just enough to cover everything up, again. Then the snow stopped and the sun came out.  It was about 15 degrees Fahrenheit or so, with no wind and bright bright sun – a fine day for a bike ride.  By the time I headed out for the game the main streets and many of the side streets were clear, though some of them looked like this picture below. Since it was below freezing though, the streets weren’t too messy, either clear or snow-packed. So I felt OK riding on my normal bike-friendly side streets and streets with bike lanes (which were clear as well!).

Winter on a side street in Chicago

I was riding north as my cousin had invited us over to watch the game at his place. Mr Ding was called into work so he was going to meet me up there. I made my way over to Southport Avenue and headed north which took me past a few neighborhood taverns that had their local sports teams flags flying, and a bike or two already locked up out front.

The Birds Nest Bar in Chicago

Eventually I made my way to my cousin’s building and he met me out back. He even carried Oma up his back stairs so she could warm up inside during the game. How’s that for a spectacularly nice cousin? A nice kid, but a little confused about which Chicago sports team was actually playing on Sunday  (note his shirt).We watched, they lost, season over. “Nuff said.

I've arrived at my cousin's house

(Please know that I am actually six feet tall. I just look a little short here, standing next to my cousin.)

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