Saturday’s Snowy Errands No Problem for Oma

Sorry for the drop-off in posts at the end of the week, but we were experiencing some technical difficulties here at the house of Ding which left me without access to my laptop or any photo drives or external devices of any sort. That meant my planned posts would have had no pictures. Mr. Ding came to the rescue though and has me back up and running today. I spent the snowy day out running errands on Oma and came home to a lovely new computer setup.

Oma loaded up after a busy Saturday

  • Take Ms. Ding to get a manicure/pedicure? – CHECK!
  • Pick up costume for tonight’s costume party? – CHECK!
  • Pick up snacks for Little Ding and tonight’s babysitter? – CHECK!
  • Say ‘Hi’ to the guys from The Dutch Bike Company out riding their Bakfiets while out doing errands? – CHECK!

Just another day for my trusty Omafiets!

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