Reader Nominated Bike Parking Hall of Fame: Schubas Tavern


This week’s Bike Parking Friday post comes via Ding Ding Let’s Ride reader Russ Flinchum.  He wrote in and nominated Schubas Tavern on the corner of  Southport and Belmont for  Bike Parking Hall of Fame status.  Schubas was built in 1903, one of over 50 Schlitz tied-houses built in Chicago between 1883 and 1905.  It’s  a beautiful bar, which was fully renovated in 1988, and includes a music hall in the back,  a restaurant next door, and a private banquet facility upstairs.   Schubas also has 5 bike-racks out in front along Southport  – and now a Divvy station too.  You can read more about Chicago tied-houses, which were brewery-supplied saloons here and here. 


I can say it no better than Russ did:

I just wanted to nominate Schubas Tavern for Hall of Fame because of its excellent bike parking (not only great spacing between its U racks and close to the entrance, but a Divvy Station right next to it now!!). Whenever I am meeting friends for a drink or a place to meet up, I usually suggest Schubas  because not only for its welcoming environment and good beer selection, but for its availability of  parking for those that choose to get there by bicycle!




All the photos in this post were taken by Russ (thank you!) by the way.   I agree that Schubas has great bike parking – there are even more racks across the street.  It’s always great to give a shout-out to local businesses that have good bike parking for their customers.  Thanks for the nomination!

If you want to read other posts about good and bad bike parking in Chicago, check out the Bike Parking Fridays page.  You’ll also find links to resources on bike parking design, and bike parking requirements for the city of Chicago.

And if you have a local business that you frequent due to it’s handy bike parking, send an email to samantha at dingdingletsride dot com!


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