Random Sunday City Biking

Grand Street Garden Purchases

A handy green bag to carry my flowers home

As it often happens in the Midwest, we’ve had gorgeous weather following the brutal storms Friday night.  Saturday and Sunday have seen crisp blue skies with a bit of breeze and completely reasonable temperatures! On top of that, yours truly has had a rare weekend to myself. . Mr. Ding took off sailing in the Chicago-Waukegan Race, and little Ding  was off on a road-trip with his mom to a family celebration. That left me to cycle around the city in this lovely weather all on my own. On Saturday I rode to meet a friend for brunch and then did a lot of errands running.

This morning I  rode off to revel in a relaxing manicure and pedicure.  I rode down to a salon in the West Loop, and since I was on my bike, the fact that the Taste of Randolph was going 0n offered no real obstacle to getting to my intended destination.  Some lovely relaxing downtime, and about an hour or so later I had picture-perfect toes!

When I got on my bike to head out however, a very rude driver tried to ruin my day. I approached an intersection with 4-way stop signs – it’s a low-traffic intersection on the best of days  so it was even more so on a Sunday morning. There was a pick-up truck approaching on the left.  I stopped – almost a full stop, caught his eye, saw that he was going to stop, so I proceeded. He didn’t do much of  a stop though and appeared to be turning into the street I was exiting  – and turning very wide as if to come into my lane.  As I proceeded forwarded I had my head turned so I could be sure what he was doing – didn’t want him to turn into me or zoom up behind me , etc. Turns out he was making a wide sort of U-turn.  For my efforts he bellowed “Hey, what the fuck do you think you’re looking at?  Yeah, what the fuck are you looking at, huh?”  in my general direction!  What????? When did observing the movement of a car turning near you become offensive behavior? Unbelievable.  I considered coming to complete halt, to stop and glare directly at the offensive twit, but I really didn’t want to ruin my up-to-that-point lovely Sunday with some sort of bike/car altercation.  So I shrugged my shoulders and rode off.

To counteract that rude moment I decided to ride over to Grand Street Gardens to look at some of their flowers.  Nothing more cheery on a gorgeous summer Sunday than a host of colorful flowers.

Grand Street Gardens Flower Table Grand Street Garden More Flowers

And wouldn’t you know, I rode home with a few flowers of my own. Luckily the friendly folks at the store had a bike-friendly bag for me to carry my purchases home – I didn’t have my pannier basket with me.  All in all,  a lovely Sunday.

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  • http://cecily.info Cecily

    What a jerk, but I think your response was the right one.

    • http://www.dingdingletsride.com Samantha

      Thanks Cecily –
      I thought so too. It just didn’t seem worth it to get too riled up.. thought it was so completely out of the blue. Interestingly enough, Someone else (another guy , in a Jeep this time) flip me off this past Sunday. We were on a busy street that wasn’t so busy, and I had to ride around a big van cab that was double-parked at an angle. Guess I didn’t scurry back over to the far right sight of the road quickly enough because he looked up into his rear-view mirror and flipped me off as he honked his horn and gunned past me. Then he waited for me at the light, rolled down his passenger side window (where his girlfriend was sitting) and waited for the opportunity to yell at me as I rode up. I didn’t even hear what he said because I yelled back at him. A-hole. What is it about weekend drivers? I don’t get this kind of attitude during rush hour downtown?