Promote Literacy Through Bikes – India Gives Bikes to Girls Who Reach the 8th Grade

Seal of Bihar

The seal of the state of Bihar, India

I have to thank a friend of mine for sending me an article from about a state-sponsored bike giveaway.  The Indian state of Bihar started a program in 2006 to provide bikes to girls who reach the 8th grade with an attendance record of at least 80%.  Since then, they’ve given away about 871,00 bikes!!! For reference there were 82 million residents in the state as of the 2001 census.

Saadia Azim wrote the article that appeared this past Sunday. According to Azim, state officials say that the number of female drop-outs has dropped from 2.5 million at the start of the program, to 1 million now.  Based on the picture, the bikes look like sturdy, upright city bikes with fenders and possibly a rear rack.   You can read the full article here..

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