Now Here’s a Folding Bike You Don’t See Everyday

I was riding home from work a week or so ago, and I rode by this guy riding this bike down Hubbard Street.

 The strida bike

What is it you ask?  Well, it’ s a Strida LT. A lightweight folding bike made for the city.

LStrida LT folding bike up close

Here are a few more details about this interesting bike:

  • powder-coated aluminum frame
  • No chain but instead,  a Kevlar ‘grease-less’ belt drive good up to 50,000 miles
  • 16-inch nylon wheels
  • disc brakes
  • single-speed
  • bike weight – 22lbs
  • weight limit – 220 lbs
  • one-size frame fits riders from 5’4 – 6’4 ft.
  • rear rack can hold up to 13lbs

It folds up quickly and easily and doesn’t take up much space when folded.

 Folding up the Strida bike

all folded up and ready to go

Unfortunately I forgot this rider’s name  – my apologies – but he did tell me he really likes this bike.  Obviously he doesn’t have a long commute to work as this bike is very much a short-distance commuter bike.  It’s great for those who have to carry their bike up and down the stairs like he does, and who have limited storage space.   It does have fenders to keep the road grime off your clothes, but doesn’t worry about a chain guard because well, there isn’t any chain!   Not a bad option for city commuters!   Anyone else have a Strida bike?

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  • Ash L

    The UK Gadget Show had a Strida vs. A-Bike race a couple of years ago to hilarious results.

    Glad he likes his but they certianly aren’t for everyone and I think the weight of all folding bike brands needs to come down to 15lbs of less before they’ll start being viable against regular old steel single speeds. Rico’s Peugeot fixed gear weighs 21lbs and can go a hell of a lot quicker.

  • Paddyanne

    I have seen a few of these, and I think they could be very useful for some people.  They are designed  like the baby buggies that fold up to a narrow circumfrance, so that Mom’s could take them easily onto transit.  I think the regular folding bikes might perform better on hills, but that is just a guess…!