Not My Usual January Bike Commute

We’ve had amazingly pleasant weather for most of the month of January here in Chicago – not much snow and temperatures hovering around 30 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit! I think the coldest day of 2012 so far was Winter Bike to Work Day (about 7F in the early am).

I ride by this everyday in the West Loop and I finally decided to stop and take a photo with Oma.

Last week for example I enjoyed a few lovely morning rides with more sunshine that usual this time of year, temperatures so warm that my winter bike gloves made my hands sweat, and the need for only 1 pair of regular ole socks.

No snow or ice on the ground, looking east towards the Trump Tower and the lakefront.

Everything was so clear of snow it is hard to remember the snow and freezing cold of last year!

Looking west over the Kinzie Street Bridge  – no ice, snow or salt.


There’s not any ice on the Chicago river, nor has it been cold enough to see it really steam up either.

Looking west from the Wells St. Bridge over the Chicago River

Looking east from the Wells St. Bridge over the Chicago River

While I do enjoy the winter season here in the Midwest, I haven’t minded how this winter has turned out so far. However, I am almost afraid that if we get a big storm or two I’ll be so unprepared and out-of-practice that I won’t know how to ride!

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  • rrf

    We have had an unusually warm (and snow-free) winter here in Charlotte, NC.   Winters are usually warm anyway, but this year it was even moreso.   I have been loving my rides into work.  I have only parked (and paid) the car 4 times so far this year.   Love my morning rides in.  Love the afternoon ride back even more!

    • Ms. Ding

      Yeah, we have been spoiled this year. I wonder what it means for the summer though?

  • Kyle and Lindsay Aronson

    such a beautiful bicycle

    • Ms. Ding

      Aw, thanks! I gotta say though, I still fee the same way. Oma rocks!