New Bike Helmet – To Sticker or Not?


We made a stop at Comrade Cycles the other day, and while we were there we took a quick look at their bike helmets.  Or rather, Mr. D looked at the helmets while I spoke to the guys from Comrade.  I was due for a new helmet as my old one was worn out and I’d lost the visor insert (again).  He found another bright white one for me, and this one has the visor as part of the helmet itself this time, not as an insert.  This teal-trimmed beauty is called the “Lenox” and it’s made by Bern. My old helmet is also a Bern, the Brentwood.  I really like the fact that the visor is part of the helmet, and I like the color, and the matte finish too.



My new Bern helmet

The big question now, is, do I add stickers to my new helmet like I did my old helmet?  I am actually enjoying the clean white expanse on my new helmet, unencumbered by any stickers.  Such a difficult decision!. ha.   What do you think – stickers or no stickers?  Take a look at my old helmet below – ya gotta love the stickers. We do seem to be fond of them in this family.





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