My Omafiets Has A Naan-Wich for Lunch!

It is an absolutely gorgeous day in Chicago – sunshine, blue skies, and 75 degrees- in OCTOBER!! No excuse to be inside today.  So Oma and I headed down to the West Loop to meet a friend for lunch – we heard that the Gaztro-Wagon was going to be down around Washington & May Street somewhere which seemed like an excellent lunch option.


If you haven’t heard of them , you should check out the Gaztro-Wagon website or twitter account to find out where they’ll be next and what’s on the menu. The wagon, a sort-of gourmet-ish food truck,  sells delicious sandwiches wrapped in Naan – that tasty Indian bread that holds up to all sorts of ingredients.   You might get a Wild Boar Naan-Wich with Blue Cheese, Date Jam, Romesco Sauce and Onions, or perhaps what I had today, a delicious Butternut Squash Naan-Wich with Sage, Mascarpone, Hazelnuts, and Onions. They make and sell their own plantain chips which are crisp, salty and perfect, and will even sell ya a bottle of soda.

It was delicious – Oma agreed.

Oma at the Gaztro-Wagon

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