Meet Oma! My New Dutch Bike Finally Arrives!

My New Axor WorkCycles Oma

My New Axor WorkCycles Oma

Yes, I haven’t posted anything lately, and I promise to rectify that situation quickly with a lot of posts about the BikeWinter Chicago kick-off meeting,  the ThinkBike workshop, and  first off, the arrival of my new bike! This blog was inspired not only by our search for a suitably adapted bike for Little Ding, but also by my search for the perfect city bike for me – a Dutch bike! I test rode a variety of bikes and decided that I wanted a step-through Oma WorkCycles bike. The Dutch Bike Co., here in Chicago imports bikes from WorkCycles but they did not have any taller frames in stock (57cm, 61cm). I’m 6ft tall , and the smaller frames that they did have in stock did not feel quite right. When I rode a 57cm Opa, which was fairly close to the bike I wanted, I knew that I should wait for the right-sized bike. They had placed an order for literally a boat-load of bikes, so all I had to do was wait. It was a longer wait than I expected but it was worth it.

This bike rides like a dream – it is the smoothest ride AND I can haul a lot of groceries, gear, whatever. I think I’ll get a basket for the front – looking for a square wicker basket with a lid. Oma has 8 gears, drum brakes, hub dynamo lights front and back, fenders and skirt guard, a mud-flap, a rear-rack with bungee straps, a Brooks leather saddle, and of course, a bell! You’ll notice that I’ve added a ‘beer’ rack in front – yes, that’s what they told me it’s called – it’s easily removable. It’s going to be a great bike for Chicago – just look for me this winter cruising around on my Oma.

My and My New Omafiets

My and My New Omafiets

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  • Ash L.

    I’ve only had it since the end of August but yes, I love it! It’s been a boat in these winds the last two weeks but as far as kid, dog and grocery hauling goes it can’t be beaten.

    My old man will be at Crititical Mass with it tonight and I’ll be at the Bike the Vote for Jeremy Karpen Sunday if you want to come hang or test ride it.

  • Ash L.

    Hey hey, that looks familiar. I think we had a brief but boisterous love shout fest a few Saturdays ago. You on maybe Oakley at the light, me on Augusta on a Madsen with my kiddo in the bucket. How many Omafiets can there be in the city?

    • Samantha

      Yeppers – that was indeed me shouting out my appreciation for your Madsen! I bet there are not many more Omafiets than Madsens in the city. How long have you had the Madsen and do you love it?

  • Cecily

    I don’t have the Batavus yet – I’m still making payments until I can take ownership. 🙂

    I’m hoping it’s a bit faster. The tires are much thinner than the ones I have on my Trek. I don’t ride up most hills anyway, so I’m not too concerned about whether it can make it up hills, but everything I’ve read about this bike says it makes it up moderate hills just fine.

    I can’t wait until I can bring her home!

  • Cecily

    Now that you’ve spent some time on it, how do younfind the speed/pace of the bike?

    • Samantha

      It’s definitely not as slow as riding Mr. Ding’s too-small-for-me cruiser bike the previous two weeks! Though now I really see the differences between a cruiser bike and a city bike. Dutch bikes and city bikes while upright are not as slow as cruisers, but slower than my mountain bike, hybrids, road bikes etc. Overall, though, I am fine with the speed it has. Sure I’ve been passed by some folks on fixies or hybrids, but I’ve actually passed a couple of people too. It’s such a smooth ride, and I have 8 gears on mine, so I’m not feeling like I’m molasses or anything. And while it probably would not make sense for riding in a hilly city like Vancouver or San Francisco, riding it up the small inclines of Chicago has been no more difficult than riding my steel-frame mountain bike up them in a similar gear. Are you finding your new Baatavus to be slower than your Trek?

  • David

    You look great on the Oma! Glad to hear the boys in the Chicago shop took good care of you.
    Please keep us in the loop of your Oma adventures this fall and winter.

    Dutch Bike Co. Seattle

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  • Douryeh

    Congratulations on your excellent new bike.

  • Jeff L

    dude, that is awesome. the Dutch, is there anything they can’t do?

  • Kara

    Yay! Tall bikes for tall girls! I love those Omas and am so happy that you found your perfect fit.

  • Cycling For Beginners

    That’s a great looking bike! How do you like the drum brakes?


    • Samantha

      I really like the drum brakes so far. They stop well, and if I have a chance to get out riding in the rain today, I’ll let you know how they work when wet, though I anticipate they will work quite well.

  • Samantha

    Thanks Cecily!

    Yes Steve, I would agree with you that Vince and Will are great guys and it’s a friendly bike shop. The Fr8 is a pricey bike.. sharp-looking though. I had my mind set on a step-through, which are a little cheaper. I was tired of figuring out ways to ride my mountain bike while wearing a skirt.

  • Steven Vance

    Although I’ve never actually purchased anything from Dutch Bike Co., they remain my favorite bike shop and sell my favorite bikes. Although the one I wanted (Fr8) was very expensive and I chose a wonderful (but cheaper) option.

    Also, Vince and Will are cool guys.

  • Cecily

    WOOO! Congratulations! It looks great and you look great on it!