Mama’s Got A Brand New Bag or Ding Ding Let’s Ride Has A New Design

So what do ya think of the new look?

I’ve been playing around with a couple of different themes since I launched this blog over the summer and while there were elements that I liked in each of them, I really wasn’t getting what I wanted in any one theme – modified or not.   It would help if my HTML skills were a little stronger, but I do only what I need to do to get by.   I started this site using the Canvas theme by WooThemes, and then moved away from it. If you’re at all familiar with that theme, you’ll see that I’ve sorta moved back to it with this new design, but not without some help from one Chris Baskind.  Chris is a writer and web developer who designs and develops WordPress sites along with writing about living a car-free life.  Along with his other sites, he has his own casual blog called Ecominima where he writes and tinkers with my favorite blog theme.  I recognized the theme he was using on that blog  and that started a discussion about the kind of look I wanted for my blog,  what I liked about Canvas and so forth, and before you knew it, I hired him.   We’ve still got a few things to tweak and I may change up a few pages, but I am very happy with the result.  I wanted a clear, crisp blog that’s easy to read and navigate and I think Chris created exactly that.   If you’ve got comments or suggestions about the new look, send ’em my way! Ding Ding!

Ms. Ding & Oma

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