Lovely City Bikes and Updated Adaptive Bike Resources

Civia Loring

My focus on this bike blog is not on racing bikes, touring bikes, or even mountain bikes – though I do love a good mountain bike. Instead,  I write about upright bikes – those bikes that a wide-range of cyclists with varying ability can take advantage of.  These types of bikes can serve many different purposes from basic transportation, to cargo hauling, to promoting independence for special needs riders.  Within the category of upright bikes falls my beloved Dutch bike. Dutch bikes though, are really just one type of city bike. So, along with the pages devoted to Dutch bikes and adaptive bikes, I’ve added a page for city bikes. There are so many great ones available these days,  that it seemed to make sense to create a spot to gather up all the posts on city bikes that I run into or review.

Freedom Concepts Explorer Series Adaptive Bike

Freedom Concepts Explorer Series Adaptive Bike

I’ve also made some updates to the adaptive bike landing page.  There are a few more links, and I’ve rewritten some of the copy as well as added  more information about the bikes in general. I’ve added new links to some of the bikes that I’ve taken test rides on the last few months,  as well as more information about the type of kid’s bike we had adapted for Little Ding.

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