LGRAB Summer Games – Carrying a Load On My Bike

Carrying a Load On My Bike

Part 2 of the Let’s Go Ride a Bike Summer Games is dubbed “Learning Experiences” – and as in Part 1 participants must perform at least two of the listed tasks:

  • Perform a maintenance task – big or small!
  • Decorate your bike
  • Read a book about cycling
  • Carry a load on your bike – ¬†groceries, etc.
  • Test ride a different type of bike than you normally ride

Yesterday I had a few errands to run and by the time I was finished I had quite a nice load on my bike which fulfilled yet another Summer Games task. Times like these make me wish that my new bike would arrive – I could have used a large front basket! Never fear though, as I’m quite adept at loading up my current bike. I have a sturdy rack on the back with a cargo net and I’ve put quite a lot of cargo back there over the years. I loaded up my Jandd Grocery Bag Pannier – it folds up when not in use and has a sturdy shoulder strap so you can carry it right into the store. ¬†Of course, I had purchased more than I could stuff in the pannier, so I tied down more of my purchases with the bungee cargo net to my rack. The remaining items I left in a plastic bag to which I fashioned a loop to hang over my handlebar. Once loaded up I headed home and had Mr. Ding snap a quick picture. Mr. Ding is also quite skilled at carrying cargo by the way – he rode home Friday night with a cold 12-pack of beer (bottles) strapped to his rack with two cargo nets!

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