It’s Spring! Time for Oma to Put Away the Studded Tires

While there are not any green buds on the trees quite yet, and I’m sure we’ll get at least one more snowstorm,  spring is definitely in the air in Chicago. As soon as we had a couple of days of 40+ temperatures and sunshine and no more dreary piles of snow, I started to see a lot more cyclists out on the streets. Take a look at all the folks I spotted I walked along Milwaukee Avenue in Bucktown last week – saw all of these riders and more in about a ten minute time span.

Cyclist along Milwaukee Avenue

Cyclist along Milwaukee Avenue

Cyclist along Milwaukee Avenue

Cyclists along Milwaukee Avenue

Cyclist along Milwaukee Avenue

Cyclist along Milwaukee Avenue

Anyway,  I called up the guys at the Dutch Bike Company, and made an appointment to bring Oma on by to swap out her studded tires. I don’t have the room nor the stand to do it myself and it’s a little more involved than switching out the wheels on my mountain bike – not something I’ve quite mastered yet. While it wasn’t as warm on Friday as it was earlier in the week, it was still fairly temperate, and more important, sunny! A great day for a ride in the city.  I headed over to the bike shop where Vince put Oma up on the stand and got to work.

Oma on the bike stand at The Dutch Bike Co.

While Vince worked on Oma, I took one of the Gazelle Toer Populairs out for a little test ride – which I’ll write more about in a future post.  It was a perfect day for a bike ride so I rode the Gazelle around the Lincoln Park neighborhood and discovered a cupcake and cookie emporium called Sweet Mandy B’s. Talk about a great place for a photo op with a Dutch bike! I picked up a couple of cookies for the guys at the bike shop while I was there as well.

A Gazelle at the Bakery

And when I pulled up, another cyclist who works at the bakery rode up and locked her bike to one of the bike racks out front. Meet Annie!

Annie in front of Mandy B's

When Oma was ready I rode my now silent-tired bike home. On the way I made a stop at a neighborhood grocery store – Olivia’s in Wicker Park -they have bike parking out front. I thought that my newly spring-ready bike needed some spring flowers for the ride home. Lovely, don’t you think?

Oma and Spring flowers

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