It’s Cargo Bike Week – The Bakfiets

As a fun way to lead up to the Cargo Bike Roll Call next week, this week has officially become Cargo Bike Week here at Ding Ding Let’s Ride!  It’s sorta like Shark Week but with less blood. I’ll post about cargo bikes all week up and to the Roll Call on Monday the 12th, and I’ll be sure to write a post-Roll Call report after the event.

While we have a long-tail cargo bike, there are many other types of cargo bikes. The one that most often comes to mind when someone says ‘cargo’ bike is the Dutch box bike, or “bakfiets”.  I took one out for a test ride at the Dutch Bike Company here in Chicago last year. The first 30 seconds of riding – or trying to ride – a bakfiets is completely different than any other bike you’ve ever ridden.   The bike is long in front which makes the steering completely odd. But after about two or three revolutions of the pedals, you get it.   And it’s a smooth ride. They come in the long version like the one I rode below, or a slightly shorter version.

Yes, really, I’m going to ride this down the street.


The Workcycles Bakfiets (photo courtesy of

A Fietsfabriek cargo bike at a Kidical Mass Ride.

WorkCycles makes a couple of styles of bakfiets as well as and they’re both available in the states. The shorter bike shown above is made by De Fietsfabriek which are still available in the Netherlands but I’m not sure about the U.S.   J.C. Lind  Bike Co. used to sell them here in Chicago, but I don’t believe they stock any De Fietsfabriek bikes now, though they do sell other Dutch and cargo bikes.

Here in Chicago a great resource for everything bakfiets, and how to haul multiple children everywhere via one, is the blog Chicargobike.   It’s all about a family that has multiple cargo bikes and rides them year-round, all over the city, to school, work,  and play.

Chicargobike (photo courtesy of


And for a really excellent write up of what makes a bakfiets a bakfiets, and how it functions, you can do no better than check out this post titled “Hallo bakfiets” on the blog Bikes Can Work.

(photo via


If you want to see some bakfiets or other types of cargo bikes in action, stop by the Cargo Bike Roll Call on Monday, September 12th. We’ll see ya there!

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