It’s A Banner Day When You get a New Bike

Getting a bike is a big day for any kid  – Little Ding was no different. We headed all the way out to St. Charles earlier this spring to the The Bike Rack – a longtime all-around bike shop as well as the folks behind Project Mobility. We went out there planning to adapt a used trail-a-bike we’d acquired with a seat back, seat belt and whatever else it might have needed to allow Little Ding to ride with his Dad. In the end, that setup wasn’t going to work for him, but they came up with an alternative based on a bike they had built for someone else.

We bought a standard Trek kids bike with 2o inch wheels and they made a few additions:

  • An extra set of small fat pneumatic tires (larger than your standard training wheels)
  • A custom bracket for the tires that is strong enough for him to stand on, which enables him to climb on the bike from the back – he can’t swing his legs up over the bike like most kids.
  • Exercise bike-style flat pedals , weighted to always remain flat, and with stiff rubber straps that allows him to slide his feet without assistance.
  • A slightly larger seat
  • A rear wheel brake in addition to the coaster brake, with a parking brake that allows him to stabilize the bike in order to get on it and off it.

We were able to choose a bike in his favorite color (Orange) and it was ready for us in a week!

As he gets older he may switch to a some sort of upright bike or tricycle, but in the meantime he’ll be cruising around the neighborhood on this very cool bike.

There he went, off on his bike, into the trees, on a bike adventure with my brother. Boys and their bikes – want else do you need?

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